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Gov. Herman Greenwood

A Message from Herman Greenwood, 2015 - 2016 Indiana South District Governor

Dear Fellow Optimists,

I hope each club in a Zone is publishing a club bulletin/newsletter at least once a month. This is a great tool for communication between members. Sharing the club bulletin/newsletter with other clubs in your zone and with District Officers publicizes club activities, and provides community service ideas to other clubs; sharing of program ideas is also a great bonus. I enjoy reading the club bulletin/newsletter of each club which shares theirs with me. I wish more clubs would do so.

Here is a sampling of what I have learned by reading club newsletters so far this fiscal year:

The Breakfast Optimist Club of Indianapolis (BOCI) assisted with the Special Olympics annual state bowling tournament; a huge bowling alley facility was full. I attended that activity. It was very well organized and the bowlers were amazing.

The Jasper Optimist Club annually sends 178 children to the mall theater to view a free movie; Jasper sponsored a Cathedral Health Senior Living Facility Christmas party with music, dancing, refreshments and gifts from Santa. Also, Jasper held a Special Needs Christmas party with snacks and crafts, gifts from Santa and a special visit from the two top stars in Disney’s “Frozen”.

The Indianapolis Downtown Optimist Club (DOC) sponsored an unusual Breakfast with Santa with music and professional dancing elves, and professional photographers. Admission to the Breakfast is free to families whose meals have been prepaid by individual Optimists and local businesses; other families may participate at very low cost. This is an annual event with a lot of repeat customers.
In another project the DOC bought food, lots of food, for a needy family.
They raised over $ 3,000.00 for the Salvation Army through bell ringing and their foundation donation. They participate in providing for the daily necessities of low income families in the near Westside area in cooperation with all clubs in Zone One and a local community service provider. And, they recognize middle school students from three local schools every other month by inviting students nominated by their teachers for good attitude and helping other students to join the club for lunch, where they receive special recognition. The school presents a plaque to each winner, and the plaque hangs in a place of honor in the school.

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving each year, The Clarksville Indiana Optimist Club partners with Clarksville Parks & Recreation to host "Gobbler Games" at a local middle school. The kids are divided into groups, from ages 5-12. They score points for each game and the highest scores in each age group win turkeys to take home. The games are manned by Optimist members and include turkey bowling with a frozen turkey breast, waddle relay, marshmallow pass-a-long, pumpkin roll, and bean bag toss.

Avon Club conducts a massive Fish Fry each year as a fund raiser to support their community such as with donations to Active Grace and Sheltering Wings.

Falls City rings bells for the Salvation Army and has a fund raiser at Buckhead’s.

These are only a few of the wonderful services clubs in Indiana South provide to their communities. This demonstrates emphatically that Optimists make a significant IMPACT in middle and southern Indiana.

Congratulations. Keep up the great work!

Now, in the next few months I will ask two very important questions. I hope that with your help and with the help of social service organizations and law enforcement and the input from every Optimist, we will find answers. These answers can make the world a better place. Start thinking now.

Question Number One is : Why attend a District Optimist meeting? In search for the best answers to this question, I suggest you consider reasons for not attending a District Optimist meeting. If you think you know the answer, you could be wrong. Please, devote serious thought to this question. I will share my thoughts as to possible answers to both sides of that question in a few days.

Question Number Two is: Why do young children stab and shoot and molest other children, and even harm adults without showing any indication of recognition of wrongdoing? I fear the answer is not as easy as many believe, and the solution will involve more than sending children to Sunday school. Think about it. Make inquiries. Discuss this with community service providers and leaders. Is the Optimist philosophy of life the answer? Please share your thoughts with me, and with others. I have read articles on the subject. Now I start interviewing social workers, law enforcement agencies, and community service groups. I will make a report before the 3rd District Conference. So, if you can, please share your thoughts with me before then. One of the speakers at the Conference January 23rd is addressing these issues.

By the way, are you thinking the community services you provide would be a lot easier with more help?

Attend the January 23rd Conference in Edinburgh and find answers to membership recruitment and retention!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year,

I remain, Your servant,

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To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.
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