Indiana South District Tournament
(And Qualifier for International Tournament)

2018 District

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The Indiana South District Optimist Junior Golf Tournament will be held again this year at Deer Creek Golf Club in Clayton , Indiana , on June 15, 2018. The tournament also serves as a qualifier for the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships held each year at PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, home of the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic.  The International tournament, which will be held July 17 - August 1, 2018 with an expanded format to allow more participants, features an international field and is ranked by Golfweek and the Junior Golf Scoreboard. District winners in all age groups will also be invited to apply for entry into the Tournament of Champions, a 36 hole event to be held in November 2018.

This tournament annually draws one of the strongest fields of junior golfers in the State.  Indiana South Optimists work hard to make this tournament a positive and valuable golfing experience for all participants.  Junior golfers just beginning to experience tournament golf,  more advanced players attempting to qualify for international competition, and tournament tested champions taking a step toward a college scholarship all have benefited from their participation in “Optimist Golf”.  We believe that all who participate are winners.  

An expanded International Tournament format will allow at least two District participants to qualify in all age groups.  A large District tournament field will result in even more junior golfers from the Indiana South District getting the opportunity to experience a truly remarkable International Junior golf event in the future!  Please help us to fill the field by telling other junior golfers about this junior golf experience.  This year, Online Entry is now available, or download the 2018 Participants Entry Flyer, complete the entry form, and return it to the address indicated on the form.  Please enter early to guarantee your spot in the tournament field and to assist with tournament planning.  We look forward to seeing you at Deer Creek Golf Club.  


Entry must be received by June 8, 2018 .
- Entries received after June 8, 2018 will fill open spots in threesomes (if available), or be placed on an alternates list.
- No telephone entries will be accepted.
- Incomplete entries will be returned.
- Entries will be confirmed by  by e-mail and online.


     Entrants age will be his / her age on final day of the International tournament. 
     - Boys 16-18 & Girls 15-18…Age as of August 1, 2018.
     - Boys 14-15 & Girls 13-14…Age as of July 27 2018.
     - Boys 10-13 & Girls 10-12…Age as of July 22, 2018. 

        (Entrants must not have started College.)

NOTE:  Junior Golfers may enter any  District Qualifying tournament. If you have a conflict, or simply prefer to attempt to qualify in a
different District qualifier, you may do so.  Note that Districts are not required to provide free entry or travel to District qualifying
tournament winners who do not reside in that District.
  Check the Optimist International Junior Golf website for more information on
other District Qualifying tournaments.


International Qualifying Requirements

Girls 15-18
Girls 13-14 *
Girls 10-12 *
Boys 16-18
Boys 14-15 *
Boys 12-13 *
Boys 10-11 *

Top 2  finishers (max 84 strokes).
Top 2  finishers (max 92 strokes).
Top 2  finishers (max 96 strokes).
Top 2  finishers (max 77 strokes).
Top 2  finishers (max 82 strokes).
Top 2  finishers (max 89 strokes).
Top 2  finishers (max 96 strokes).

* Participants may choose to “play up” one division.
If an “Out of District” participant qualifies  within any age group, the next eligible “In District” participant will also qualify.


- 18 Holes for Boys and Girls in ALL age groups.
- (ALL age groups may only play 9 holes if necessary due to weather delays.)
Circle 10 rule will apply for speed of play.

Players who wish to play a practice round (not included in entry fee) may contact Deer Creek Golf Club at (317) 539-2013 to schedule a
tee time.  For the best Junior Golf rate, mention that you are entered in the "Optimist" Tournament.  


Fee for Boys 16-18, and Girls 15-18 age groups ……… .........$65.00.
Fee all other age groups ……..........................................…….$50.00.
- Refunds will be given if withdrawal is made 72 hours prior to the event day.


Many local Optimist Clubs will sponsor local junior golfers from their community by paying their entry fee.  If you live in a community with
an Optimist Club, contact the local Club President, or any member of the Club, for more information.  


- Pairings will be confirmed by by e-mail, and will be posted on the Indiana South District Tournament website.


Pull carts are now permitted in all age groups in both Boys and Girls divisions.  Spectator carts will be available for rental.

Distance measuring devices (Skycaddies, Bushnells, etc.) are permitted at the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships.
  Devices allowed may measure distance only. Devices that measure slope, wind, etc. are not allowed even if the other functions are


- Awards will be presented to the top three finishers in each age division.
The overall low Boy in the 16-18 Age Group and Girl in the 15-18 Age Group (excluding "out of district" participants - see note below)
  will receive  free entry to the International Championships at PGA National. (Includes room and board,  practice round, range balls, and entry fees.)

- The overall low Boy in the 10-11, 12-13, and 14-15 Age Groups and Girl in the 10-12 and 13-14 Age Groups (excluding “out of district” participants - see note below) will receive a $360 entry fee reduction to the International Championships at PGA National.
Note:  Indiana South District Tournament Entrants who do not reside in the Indiana South District (south of Interstate 74, in
Indianapolis, or in the Carmel / Fishers / Lawrence areas) are welcome to participate as an opportunity to qualify for the International
tournament, but are not eligible to receive free or reduced international tournament entry fees..


The Optimist International Junior Golf Championships will be held at PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida will be held July 17 - August 1, 2018 with an expanded format to allow more participants,. Boys ages 10-11, Boys  12-13 and Girls ages 10-12 will compete July 17-22, 2018.  Boys ages 14-15 and Girls ages 13-14 will compete July 22-27, 2018.  Boys ages 16-18 and Girls ages 15-18 will compete July 27 - August 1, 2018.


International Tournament qualifiers (age group winners will have priority) from the Indiana South District will also be given the opportunity to apply for entry into the Tournament of Champions, a 36 hole weekend event which will also be held in November  2017.


A combination of tee settings will be used for this tournament to achieve the desired yardages for each age group.  For the past several years, the District Tournament played at the yardages listed below.  We expect that the 2018 tournament will be set up the same way to approximately the
same yardages.  16-18 Boys will play from the Black tees; 14-15 Boys will play from the Gold tees; 15-18 Girls and 12-13 Boys will play
from the White tees; and 13-14 Girls, 10-12 Girls, and 9-11 Boys will play from the Red tees.

Hole # Par Black Gold White Par Red
1 5 558 545 539 5 419
2 4 400 380 361 5 361
3 3 165 160 155 3 136
4 4 333 333 330 4 285
5 4 371 371 362 4 284
6 4 400 390 293 4 293
7 4 412 396 309 4 309
8 3 170 150 103 3 103
9 5 501 480 480 5 406
Front 36 3,310 3,205 2,932 37 2,596
10 4 412 398 305 4 305
11 3 175 160 150 3 117
12 4 419 398 311 4 311
13 5 520 515 515 5 431
14 3 171 160 160 3 112
15 5 540 517 517 5 395
16 3 188 168 168 3 157
17 4 373 359 359 4 294
18 4 410 355 355 4 315
Back 35 3,208 3,030 2,840 35 2,437
Total 71 6,518 6,235 5,772 72 5,033